Calabrio ONE Suite

Calabrio ONE simplifies workforce optimization and customer interaction analysis for multi-channel contact centers. The latest version of Calabrio ONE lays the foundation for a more integrated, connected customer service organization, offering businesses more advanced analytics capabilities in an even easier, streamlined solution.

Workforce Management

Effortless integration. Easy to learn. Intuitive for all users – from agents to supervisors to schedulers. There’s no better solution than Calabrio Workforce Management for forecasting and scheduling, empowering your agent resources and optimizing service to your customers.

Quality Management

Don’t leave customer satisfaction and loyalty to chance. Calabrio Quality Management provides the right tools for time-conscious contact centers to improve quality and performance. Review and assess the performance of agents and teams with minimal time and effort.


Don’t know where to start? Calabrio can help, with simple tools and flexible options that let you ease into Speech, Desktop or Text Analytics without heroic learning curves or extensive investments. Don’t let complexity stand in the way of the incredibly enlightening and time-saving benefits of Contact Center Analytics.

Call Recording

When flexibility, reliability and speed are essential, Calabrio Call Recording makes the task of recording, archiving and retrieving all calls more manageable in IP-based voice networks. Protect your business by providing an indisputable record of each transaction.