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Twenty Years of Product Innovation

With more than two decades of experience under our belt, we know a thing or two about workforce optimization. We’re a company that’s driven by better. Better people, better products, better performance. We never settle for the status quo, strive to solve problems before they are problems, and aim to take the ugly out of workforce optimization software. And by continually reinvesting our energy and resources into improving the user experience, you can bet our products are as intuitive and easy to use as they are relevant.

A Strong History of Product Advancement

Calabrio was founded in 2007, but don’t let our youthful façade fool you. We’ve been deploying customer interaction workforce optimization products like Workforce Management, Quality Management, Call Recording and more since the mid-90′s, and spread our wings in 2007 as a spin-out of a contact center system integrator. Calabrio’s flagship product, Calabrio ONE, combines workforce optimization software into one comprehensive and integrated software suite that’s easy to implement, use and maintain.

We know contact center solutions shouldn’t come in one-size-fits-all, so we distribute our software through channel partnerships to give our customers the best available fit for their needs. Our OEM relationship with Cisco means you can rest assured we’re not the only ones who believe our product is top-notch, and to further our credentials, we are a member of the Cisco Developer Network (CDN) and a gold member of the Avaya DevConnect program.

Our Clients’ Successes Define Our Success

Our relationship with our customers goes well beyond the initial installation process. We listen to what they have to say. Really listen. We’re not ashamed to say their feedback has resulted in some of our best work. Our community of users is an active and influential one, spanning numerous contact center industries. Our Calabrio User Group is a forum where members can network, share best practices and provide input into our future product roadmaps. Equally important to product effectiveness, we don’t shackle our customers with features and so-called solutions they will never ever (not even in imagination land) use. You know, those allegedly “useful” bundles filled with “bonus features!” you’re forced to pay for. On the contrary, our solutions are straightforward and applicable.

We complement our products with comprehensive training services and unparalleled customer support. And to prove it, Calabrio boasts some of the highest support ratings in the industry. In their 2011 Service Leaders Awards, CRM Magazine ranked Calabrio as a top vendor for customer satisfaction in the workforce optimization category. Customers surveyed in a recent Gartner Magic Quadrant rate Calabrio a perfect 10 for 10 in support and responsiveness. Why settle for anything less? Experience the support you need for the success you expect.

We’re Inspired by Intellectual Simplicity

We know something our competitors don’t – contact center software doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, use can actually result in a pleasant work experience. Products CAN be personalized to fit the user and the way they want to work. Managers CAN define which metrics mean the most to them at any particular moment. Widgets AREN’T just made for social applications. We’re changing the reputation of contact center software, one desktop at a time.

Why Calabrio?

  • Market Leader: part of Gartner’s prestigious Magic Quadrant for Workforce Optimization
  • Excellent price to value: Received the top mark for “Pricing” satisfaction in the DMG Consulting 2009-2010 Quality Management/Liability Recording (WFO) Product and Market Report
  • Agility: Installation and training takes days – not weeks or months
  • Committed to innovation: we won’t rest until everyone experiences the joys a simple but powerful solution can provide
  • Proven – installed on over 1,250,000 desktops; 3,400+ customers
  • Cisco’s OEM partner for Workforce Optimization


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