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  • Genesys Purchases Interactive Intelligence, KKR Buys Calabrio


    Last month in this space I talked about how it had been a busy few months for acquisitions in the customer experience arena. Since then we’ve seen even more M&A. Read more from TMC Net here.

  • 22 Simple Habits These Executives Point to for Their Success


  • Calabrio ONE Cloud Suite Gives Contact Centers New Recording Options


    Call recording in the contact center is a great idea, once all the legal hoops are sufficiently jumped through. Its value as a training tool, as a customer service aid, and even as a protective measure against lawsuits is well-known and often used. Thus, call recording tools have had plenty of refinement over the years, and one of the newest refinements is seen in Calabrio’s new Calabrio ONE, a multi-tenant system geared toward the contact center. Read more from TMC Net here.

  • Calabrio Unveils Multi-Tenant Cloud Suite for Contact Centers


    For its customers, Calabrio is a central application of record when it comes to enterprises interacting with customers and potential customers. Read more from eWeek here.


  • Sales Scripts Are Dead: The Case for Abandoning Them at Your Contact Center


    Consumers interact with companies via phone every day, so it’s important that brands deliver the right experience every single time. Whether a customer is dialing in for support or is the recipient of a marketing call, contact center agents are on the other end of the line trying to resolve issues, promote new products, or offer upsell opportunities. Read more here.

  • Calabrio Releases Cloud-based ONE Workforce Optimization Suite

    Dedicated readers here at TMC (NewsAlert) should be familiar with the ins and outs of workforce optimization (WFO). The likes of on-premise and cloud-based personnel scheduling software that permeates this broad topic shows that there is much enterprise interest in WFO applications and a solid set of reasons for keeping such software alive and well. Read more from TMC Net here.

  • A Platform for the Modern Multichannel Contact Center


    Enterprises are moving their contact centers to the cloud and there has been a surge of providers emerging to handle the influx. Read more from Website Magazine here.

  • A New Integrated Contact Center Suite from Calabrio

    Calabrio, a Minneapolis-based software company, has released a new product called Calabrio One, that’ll help customers to store some part of their data on the cloud instead of saving it all on their on-premise systems. Besides storing, it also comes with advanced analytics to understand customers better. Read more from Cloud News Daily here.

  • How Data Analytics Can Help With Regulatory Compliance


    Does data analytics have a place in the in-house legal department? At more and more companies, the answer is yes. Read more about companies could use data analytics to analyze their contact center from FindLaw here.

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