Can Your Center Keep Up with the Changes?

As more time elapses, the abundance of changes forced on contact centers will only increase. Customers are now seeking information from new contact channels and new information sources, the Web being the most popular. In this agile environment, contact centers should be smart and active in order to keep up—because if changes aren’t made, the risk of falling behind emerges.

In this whitepaper, Frost & Sullivan describes four major ways contact center environments are changing. More specifically, what changes can and should be made so you can move forward without complications. As tactical processes shift, analytics systems that can find patterns in funneled data will become the new trend.

As this trend begins, there is a set of criteria a forward-looking center should follow as they replace or upgrade their current workforce optimization solution. Among these are keeping the design simple, using Web 2.0 to cater to tech savvy agents and personalized dashboards to let agents view statistical data. The most logical solution: embrace change to make a more flexible and adaptable business.

As with all of our authored and sponsored papers, we hope it provides a clear path to a better way of doing business.

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