Three Tips for Measuring Voice in the Sea of Big Data

Big data is a hot topic in business IT today. But while the term is ubiquitous in today’s business and IT publications, it has proved difficult for many companies to understand what big data actually means for them. An often overlooked resource for understanding the true voice of the customer is the contact center. Every day, contact centers have hundreds, if not thousands, of voice conversations with a company’s customers.

The data being gathered from customers should be shared across multiple departments—product development, marketing, sales and manufacturing. Yet these interactions have been a highly untapped resource as a data stream because they don’t fit into the traditional data model of 1’s and 0’s. Voice transactions have historically been hard to search, difficult to use and time-consuming to process among all of the information coming into the organization’s contact center. New advances in technology allow companies to effectively analyze voice interactions with customers as part of the overall data coming into the company.

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