Workforce Management: Third Generation Comes of Age
Contact centers embrace new WFM technology

Workforce Management solutions for contact centers are proven to be well established in the industry, meaning WFM is a mature product and is used for the foundation of other solutions such as Workforce Optimization. Recently, a spike in demand for third generation WFM solutions suggests huge changes are in store. Not only are second generation solutions becoming obsolete because they’re not user friendly, but technology is also changing, requiring contact centers to rethink their strategies.

In this whitepaper, author Paul Stockford, President and Chief
Analyst of Saddletree Research explains how problems in second generation WFM solutions are no longer problems in third generation solutions. Second generation solutions are often designed for large contact centers and have been proven costly to integrate and complicated to use. Third generation solutions are browser-based and allow for a time reduction in administration efforts, training and employee effectiveness. This leads to a more optimized contact center team.

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