Aug 6

Making Sense Out of All That Data

Call centers are sitting on top of endless, useful data but not using it effectively. Some might not even realize it. Others are challenged to efficiently find meaning in the data because it’s unstructured.

Speech analytics is their key. Traditionally, analytic technology has been very complex, and while businesses are excited about the prospect of advanced speech analytic software and tools, they become hindered by the complicated technology, making adoption rather ham handed. No one has asked them “What tools and data are most important to your business?”

The user is the center of everything we do at Calabrio…we continuously bring customers in to help us develop new solutions to ensure we are addressing their needs and concerns. A good solution is more than just good technology – it needs to make sense to you and easily show you how to take the information you already have and apply it to business goals. Instead of making users adapt to our technology, we want our technology to adapt to the user.

Calabrio recently introduced its Calabrio Speech Analytics software application that enables call centers to adopt a dynamic analytic process with the most user-centric framework available today. Fully integrated into Calabrio’s Web 2.0-based ONE Suite, the software is installed to fit each customer’s personalized needs, goals and preferences and we work with each customer to structure and define search criteria and output so the software can optimize results for their particular business.

Instead of manually listening to each call that comes in, the Calabrio Speech Analytics software uses a powerful phonetics engine to constantly process incoming calls. Without a single touch or prompt, the solution automatically analyzes each phone transaction and categorizes it based on the user’s pre-determined parameters.

The payoff is this. Rather than dedicating multiple analysts to listening and analyzing calls 100% of the time, one person can spend 20% of his/her time listening to the calls that fit the targeted search criteria, and 80% of his/her time acting on them.

The ability to listen to every call enables call centers to better ensure compliance, quality assurance and sales/marketing success. Listening and analyzing every call enables managers to ensure agents are compliant with the best practices for the business, as well as ensure callers are receiving the highest quality service. It allows the business to easily learn about how products are doing, make appropriate improvements and fix problems
they might have missed if left to manual techniques.

By incorporating advanced, actionable widgets and reporting, data comes to life. Drillable, dynamic dashboards serve as sophisticated business intelligence tools, returning the data that’s most important to the user and allowing them to see snap shots of data grouped by agent, by team, by role or for the whole company. Furthermore, they can easily switch reporting to track phases, flag issues, pick up marketing trends and more. Each level of
user logs into the software and immediately sees what they want to see based on
their individual priorities.

I personally am very excited to introduce this new software. Call centers finally have a solution that can turn all of that unstructured, streaming data into meaningful business information through a system that’s actually easy to use. At last, this powerful technology isn’t limited to the largest of centers with the greatest of resources. It just makes sense!



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