Multichannel Analytics in the Contact Center
Translate the voice of the customer into business intelligence

Talk is cheap? Not in the modern contact center, where multichannel analytics solutions are unlocking the wealth of wisdom hidden inside the voice of the customer.

Big Data—the ocean of unstructured data flowing out of the digital revolution—is changing business as we know it. For contact centers, that’s especially true. With vast and growing stores of customer data flooding in from a multitude of channels, contact centers contain arguably the most abundant—and most valuable—information. The burning question is: what to do with all that data? For many organizations, it would seem, the answer is simply to let it pile up. According to research by Forrester, most organizations currently analyze only 12 percent of their data. Either they’re overwhelmed by it, don’t know how to analyze it—or don’t know what they’re missing.

But hidden in that neglected data is incredible value. The immense amount of data—and the business intelligence contained therein— lying dormant within and beyond various repositories can have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of business, from operational efficiencies and product development to customer interactions and management processes.

Making sense of voice of the customer data is fundamental to the success of the contact center. Thanks to advances in multichannel analytics systems, forward-thinking contact centers are unlocking the insight from customer interactions and swiftly becoming the nerve center for business intelligence. Fill out the form to download this whitepaper and learn more.

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