Calabrio Advanced Reporting powered by Symmetrics
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Data visualization and reporting for the multichannel contact center

Calabrio Advanced Reporting powered by Symmetrics is a complete contact center reporting and analytics platform for the modern, multichannel contact center. Contact centers of all sizes can integrate data from multiple sources, including workforce management, customer relationship management, voice analysis and custom-built applications—blending unstructured and structured data in any format and from any source across the enterprise into a single dashboard view. Calabrio Advanced Reporting does the heavy lifting so anyone—from the contact center to lines of business, from the supervisor to the C‑suite—can access intelligence that improves the customer and employee experience to truly differentiate your enterprise.

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Data Consolidation

Calabrio Data Mart

At the core of Calabrio Advanced Reporting is the Calabrio Data Mart, a central repository that automatically extracts data from multiple channels, contact center systems and locations to provide a single, optimized data store for all reporting and analytics. The Calabrio Data Mart makes it possible to centralize data from multiple contact center systems and applications, including ACD, IVR, CRM, WFM systems and more.

Featuring out-of-the-box compatibility with most leading contact center systems—including a tight integration with Calabrio ONE—the Calabrio Data Mart can provide the insights you need to boost your contact center’s performance.

Scalable Reporting

Calabrio Data Broker

Calabrio Data Broker is a revolutionary platform that unites real-time, historical, and contact detail data streams within a single reporting architecture. Through a collection of prebuilt yet customizable reports, dashboards and scorecards, your contact center data is transformed into meaningful, structured information for better decision making.

Real-Time Management

Calabrio Info Manager

Calabrio Info Manager is a complete platform for managing contact center information. Agents, supervisors and managers can securely access, create, publish, schedule, share and manage reports, dashboards and scorecards—all from a simple web browser.

Calabrio Info Manager is available on-premises and in the cloud, offering a complete business intelligence solution on a per-user subscription basis for small or growing contact centers.

Built-in Integrations

Calabrio Data Bridges

The family of Calabrio Data Bridges automate data transfer between popular contact center systems for easier application-to-application or system-to-system integration. Using time-tested data access software, each Calabrio Data Bridge provides a prebuilt integration to facilitate the transfer of data between the most popular ACDs and target applications like workforce management systems.

Additional Highlights

Calabrio Advanced Reporting


Create real-time performance dashboards for prompt feedback and employee engagement.


Reduce planning, reporting and operational costs by eliminating manual reporting efforts.


Make faster, better decisions based on more timely, accurate performance results.


Access data visualizations for better employee and customer engagement.


Leverage prebuilt and custom adapters to connect any contact center system.


Deploy how you’d like—in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment.

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