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Comprehensive voice-of-the-customer analytics for today’s contact center

An intuitive analytics suite for a better customer experience

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data created every day, organizations can’t afford to wrestle with multiple complex applications—or worse yet, clunky spreadsheets—to make sense of their customer data. The Calabrio Analytics suite helps you make better, data-driven decisions to protect and grow your business. Widget enabled dashboards provide visibility into all that is going on in your contact center.

Discover which customer interactions create loyalty, drive sales, and reduce customer churn

Calabrio is the only workforce optimization provider to integrate speech, desktop, and text analytics into a single, unified suite. This holistic approach helps your business gain data-driven insights to improve the customer experience and to drive revenue with every customer interaction. Transform your contact center into a learning center by sharing data across the enterprise to address business needs, like:

BRAND – Are your brand marketing efforts resonating with your customers?

COMPLIANCE – Are your agents putting your company at risk?

MARKETING – Are the latest campaigns and promotions creating business?

SALES – Are you missing cross-sell and upsell opportunities?

RETENTION – Which customers are you at risk of losing and why?

Learn how the right customer analytics solution can help you tie big data to your business needs.



Analyze 100% of your customer interactions with comprehensive voice-of-the-customer analytics. Two speech analytics engines—phonetic and speech-to-text transcription—provides flexible searching to find the most relevant conversations. Omnichannel text analytics reveals insights in any text-based customer data including emails, chats, social media, surveys, and more.


Connect agent activity to results with desktop analytics. Gain visibility into what your agents are doing during and after customer interactions by monitoring application and URL usage for all agents, even remote or at-home workers. Discover opportunities for training and best practices and improve customer service and productivity across the entire contact center.


Link your customer interaction data with your business goals through visual dashboards that are easily shared across the enterprise. An intuitive interface helps you uncover insights to increase revenue, optimize efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and validate compliance activity in your contact center. Gain a holistic view of the customer journey.

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Customer data that works for you—not the other way around

We hire data scientists so you don’t have to

A simplified, human-friendly interface lets you analyze your customer interaction data quickly and on your own. No more waiting for IT to get around to it. Calabrio Analytics empowers everyone, from the contact center agent to the C-Suite, with the tools and insights they need to deliver top-line growth from every customer interaction.

Personalized dashboards make your data come to life

Let your data tell its own story. Calabrio Analytics employs rich data visualizations like phrase-clouds and interactive charts to help you find and analyze conversations of interest. Widget-based, customizable dashboards and dynamic reporting options provide a powerful means to see the visual impact of your customer interaction data and to share it with stakeholders across the enterprise.

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