Calabrio ONE
This changes everything.

Shouldn’t. Insights. Flow. More. Freely?

Life in the contact center just got easier. Decision-making just got smarter. It’s time for everyone to move faster. Calabrio ONE is a comprehensive and fully integrated solution for workforce optimization in today’s contact centers. Intuitive? Of course. Personalized? Obviously. Calabrio ONE is a smart technical solution designed for people. That’s who we listen to during development – our customers. This approach may defy industry norms, but it results in something brilliant – customer-driven innovation. It means you’re ready for what’s next. And it delivers strategic value not just within the contact center but across your organization.

Customer Story


Elevating customer service and improving agent satisfaction across multiple channels.

From insight to action

Cheetahs. Bullet trains. Rocket ships. All inadequate metaphors.

Personalized dashboards are at the heart of Calabrio ONE. Widgets and role-based permissions give users timely and relevant information. What are current priorities? Problems? Users know exactly what to do and have a clear view of performance metrics. It’s actionable insight – to accelerate performance company-wide.

A unified experience

Improved productivity and efficiency.

Agile, responsive customer service starts with easy-to-use tools. Calabrio ONE presents all employees – agents, supervisors, analysts, executives – with a consistent, unified user experience. We set the standard in the market for intuitive access to data and reporting. Our customers get it. Others try to follow.

Complexity creep

Simplicity wins.

Today’s contact centers are significantly different from their predecessors of just a few years ago. In the face of a complex, multi-channel environment, the answer isn’t more complexity. It’s simplicity, which Calabrio ONE delivers for all users. One system, one common process across all channels.

Gartner calls it.

Save 20 percent over five years.

According to Gartner, companies taking an integrated approach to workforce optimization can expect to save 20 percent in total cost of ownership of their tools over five years. Our customers agree. Calabrio ONE is built to reduce headaches and improve productivity from the start with flexibility to meet future needs.

More from Gartner

Calabrio customers lead the way.

Recent research from Gartner indicates only 10 percent of the market deploys fully integrated WFO solutions. Yet among Calabrio customers, the figure is 40 percent. And growing. These visionary leaders are seizing the competitive advantage of better insight gained from freeing the voice of the customer.

Decision time

A complete picture to accelerate growth.

The analytics generated by faster, more responsive customer service give executives newfound business intelligence to back decisions. Not occasional decisions, slowed by cumbersome reporting and the services of data specialists. Calabrio ONE is fast and intuitive. Insight is easily shared company-wide.

A closer look at Calabrio ONE

Designed for people.

Separate systems for call recording, quality management, workforce management and analytics mean missed opportunities and a poor user experience. That’s why Calabrio ONE stands apart in the marketplace. All components are fully integrated with a modern open architecture.