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Record calls reliably, find them effortlessly.

Call recording that’s reliable, simple and secure.

A comprehensive call recording solution isn’t too much to ask for. You want to record 100 percent of your calls, archive them efficiently, and find specific calls quickly and easily. So why do the other guys make it so hard? Calabrio has changed call recording forever with a simplified approach to capturing and maintaining calls. As more and more companies recognize the need to record all calls, Calabrio takes the hassle out of this business-critical endeavor.

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Increasing efficiencies and meeting client needs in a distributed, virtual call center environment.

Perfect score

Never miss a call.

Calls simply cannot slip through the cracks. Whether the focus is industry regulations, payment card security standards or HIPAA guidelines, Calabrio makes sure you’re covered. One hundred percent call recording makes it easier to prove adherence to regulations, settle transaction disputes and defend against litigation risk.

See the light

No more shots in the dark.

No more wasted time looking for recordings. With Calabrio Call Recording, advanced call query options and powerful metadata tagging let you search among hundreds of thousands of logged interactions and play back relevant recordings quickly and easily.

Lock it down

Secure storage, protected playback.

Calabrio Call Recording captures and stores each phone transaction securely to protect private data and comply with industry regulations. Recording files are encrypted and can be kept on a need-to-know basis by restricting playback access to authorized users or roles.

Built-in safety net

We’ve got your back.

Calabrio’s Monitoring and Notification Alerts (MANA) service notifies you through emails, SNMP or Windows Event Viewer if potential errors arise. Calabrio’s unique 100 percent recording verification keeps you a step ahead of issues that could keep you from missing a critical call.

A Calabrio ONE application

Fully integrated workforce optimization.

Our Call Recording solution is part of Calabrio ONE, a unified, user-focused software suite that includes quality management, analytics and workforce management. This award-winning solution frees the voice of the customer and supports better, faster decision-making at all levels of the organization.

Additional Highlights

Calabrio Call Recording


Record 100 percent of calls – all calls, all the time.


Advanced query options and metadata tagging mean easy retrieval of recordings.


Recordings are compressed and encrypted for storage.


Monitoring and notification alerts flag potential system errors.


Recordings are hyperlinked to CRM records for greater integration.


All the features of Calabrio Call Recording are included with Calabrio Quality Management.

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