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Empowering agents, satisfying customers.

The one-stop solution for performance and quality improvement.

Calls arrive. Emails ping. Chat and social comments fly. Customers today have more and more ways to interact with companies. Yet traditionally, most organizations can only access and analyze one percent of all interactions. Calabrio says, make it 100 percent. Log everything. Access anything. If that seems impossible, it’s not. With our quality management solution we help thousands of organizations do it every day, empowering employees at every level with better tools and easier access to relevant information. Quality improves. Consistency becomes more focused. Making it easy makes it better.

Customer Story

Republic Services

Building stronger customer loyalty and driving revenue through national quality initiatives.

Improve KPI, ASAP

Continuous quality assurance.

First call resolution. Customer satisfaction. Sales effectiveness. With Calabrio Quality Management, it’s easy to capture the complete agent and customer experience and make it even better. On-demand analysis gives agents and supervisors quick feedback for training and support.

A bigger big picture

Holistic. And wholly different.

Calabrio helps you see the big picture — and drill down to fine details, finding the exact interaction or part of the interaction you need. Now you can act faster when you see trends of strategic importance. Information from customer interactions is aggregated and available for in-depth analysis. Not days from now. Now.

Bring it

Any channel, any time.

Calls, email, chat, social media or whatever is the next big thing. Calabrio brings it together in a consistent interface for agents, supervisors, analysts and executives. It’s all there, on-demand. Customer interaction changes from a daily necessity to a long-term strategic goal. What can we learn? How can we apply it?

Easy is optimum

New efficiencies, now.

Quality management doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Calabrio delivers intuitive, easy-to-use tools that turn the complexities of daily operations into a smooth-running, strategically oriented process. Now you can monitor, evaluate and improve quality with a consistent experience across all channels.

Analytics integration

Smarter quality management.

Quality Management with Calabrio means doing what you’re doing and making it even better. Integrated analytics provide new insight to meet business goals and deliver measurable results. No need to submit a request and wait for a data specialist to produce a report. With Calabrio, analytics are for everyone.

A Calabrio ONE application

Fully integrated workforce optimization.

Our Quality Management application is part of Calabrio ONE, a unified, user-focused software suite that includes call recording, analytics and workforce management. This award-winning solution frees the voice of the customer and supports better, faster decision-making at all levels of the organization.

Additional Highlights

Calabrio Quality Management


Business-driven parameters govern interaction and analysis.


Sample captured data at random or with specific queries.


Live-screen monitoring gives supervisors real-time oversight.


Playback and evaluation tools function in a unified view.


Recorded data can easily be exported for reports and training.


Monitoring and notification alerts flag potential system errors.

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