Don’t leave customer satisfaction and loyalty to chance.

Your contact center is a critical touch point with customers. Every interaction provides an opportunity to strengthen a customer relationship, build loyalty and drive sales.


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Calabrio’s  Quality Management  is the right tool for time-conscious contact centers to improve quality and performance.

Calabrio Quality Management makes it easy to capture the full customer interaction experience in your contact center. Quality Management Software allows your company to review and assess the performance levels of individual agents and teams, with the speed and ease of software built in a Web 2.0 framework. You set business-driven parameters that automatically pinpoint and record the most relevant calls, providing optimal insight into service performance.

What makes Calabrio Quality Management unique?

Find the most relevant calls fast.

Our Quality Management software allows you to search for calls using an extensive library of call, customer and business-related metadata. The intuitive user interface provides pinpoint precision with ease and remembers your most recent search.

Analyze your business through tailored evaluation forms.

Calabrio’s Quality Monitoring software  has voice and screen playback and evaluation tools are unified and clear, yet can be arranged to fit comfortably with any evaluator’s work style.

Evaluators choose from a library of evaluation forms that fit the program.

Forms include question level weighting, evaluator hints and KPI questions, which allow critical errors to “fail” the agent in the overall evaluation.

 Take action and improve.

The unique configurable widget-based dashboard makes quality assurance highly actionable. Our contact center quality management software  gives you the ability to customizes reports and provide insight into quality scores for individuals, teams and groups.

Review and comment for full transparency.

Calabrio’s QM software  allows managers, supervisors and agents to comment on scored recordings, fostering a collaborative work environment. Calabrio’s QM software allows for call center quality assurance. To find out more about our Quality Management software contact us here.

A Calabrio ONE application – the first contact center suite built in a Web 2.0 framework.

Calabrio ONE redefines workforce optimization, allowing contact centers to personalize and optimize the desktop and toolsets for each user. Contact center workers are more efficient and effective. Customers are better served.