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Enterprises are embracing analytics at an increasing rate. The benefits are clear – increase revenue, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Calabrio Analytics seamlessly integrates with Calabrio ONE – meaning more access to important metrics all in one place. With the new integrated version of Calabrio Speech, Desktop and Text Analytics, Calabrio makes it easier than ever to get you started.


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The first step to finding the right speech analytics tool  - what am I looking for?

Calabrio Analytics lets you ease into the very real benefits of Speech, Desktop and Text Analytics without heroic learning curves or extensive investments. Develop an unparalleled perspective into the customer experience by correlating agent desktop activity with voice-of-customer speech and text-based activity in a unified fashion. Whether you are just looking to dip your toe or ready to dive into the vast ocean of information, Calabrio has a fully integrated approach that will fit your needs. 

Analyze Customer Transactions

Save time by targeting the right transactions.

Calabrio Speech Analytics and Text Analytics provide a powerful process for finding calls and emails of interest. The first step is to pinpoint customer interactions you might want to analyze from interactions you don’t – thus focusing the time and effort required to achieve an effective analytics program.

Search for keywords that point to issues and trends.

Identify your business case and our team of skilled linguistics will work with you to set up your phrase libraries that will pinpoint the words and phrases among hundreds of thousands of customer transactions, all while utilizing Calabrio’s powerful phonetic search technology.  Allow your QM, Compliance or Business analysts to clearly see what’s being talked about in your business to provide peace of mind or inspire immediate action.  Identify improvement opportunities for customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and agent performance among your sea of voice, email and chat customer interactions.


Analyze Agent Activity

Without complete visibility into what’s happening on the agent desktop, best-practice work habits and the effective use of software applications cannot easily be reinforced, replicated or transferred to other agents. Calabrio Desktop Analytics reveals what makes agents most productive and effective by making desktop activity transparent.

Calabrio Desktop Analytics makes agent activity and its impact clear, so processes that impede performance are not overlooked and opportunities for improvement are not missed. It provides organizations with clear insight into agent desktop activity so they can model best practice behavior and drive continuous improvements in processes.

Calabrio Desktop Analytics presents context for agent desktop activity together with speech analysis and other data, such as call states, to help managers correlate words, actions and outcomes. It also enables managers to identify unproductive or unauthorized activity quickly.

All in One, Only One

Calabrio Analytics is the only solution in the market that provides means for viewing call, screen and text activity in a unified fashion.  Dashboards are built in our trademark Web 2.0 framework, so they are clear, flexible and personalized to each individual user. Each dashboard is configured based on a wide variety of parameters, including individual phrases, phrase categories, agent performance, team performance, and varying date ranges to show trends. This process is fast and efficient, so you can access the search results in near real time.

Most businesses want to find related analytics data all in one place. Now, Calabrio ONE customers can access analytics dashboards within the Calabrio ONE interface. Calabrio ONE sets new standard in usability that will allow you to be even more efficient and productive by reducing overall complexity and reducing the number of steps it takes to perform individual tasks.  With a single sign on, supervisors, managers, evaluators and analysts can access a unified view of contact center performance metrics from QMWFM, and Analytics for ease and clarity.

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A Calabrio ONE application – the first contact center suite built in a Web 2.0 framework.

Calabrio ONE redefines workforce optimization, allowing contact centers to personalize and optimize the desktop and toolsets for each user. Contact center workers are more efficient and effective. Customers are better served.