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Now you know.

Free your customer data.

Here’s the most important number to remember about Calabrio Analytics: 100. As in, 100 percent. Capture all conversations with analytics on everything. Start unlocking what’s been so close and yet out of reach, so you can get more knowledge into the hands of more people for better, more informed decisions. We’ve made it fast, and we’ve made it easy. Call a data scientist? Not any more. We employ them so you don’t have to. You know what’s being said, done and chatted to always keep pace with changing business needs. That’s when things really change.

Customer Story

Beverage Manufacturer

Sharing insights and opportunities enterprise-wide from interaction analysis.

Insight for all

Analytics for everyone.

Modern, multi-channel contact centers generate huge amounts of data, but until now, the potential insight it offered was lost. It’s time for a different, smarter approach. More personal and faster. It’s time to free your data and uncomplicate the complicated. The contact center is now an enterprise asset.

A new perspective

Scale up. Dig deep. Or both.

Calabrio Analytics offer a holistic view and unparalleled perspective into the customer experience. Pull back to see the big picture, or drill down into fine details. Insights you gain can help you increase revenue, optimize efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and validate compliance activity.

Simply smarter

Skip the big learning curve.

Our analytics dashboards are widget-based. Instead of dissecting data, now you can see the visual impact. Simply select from a wide variety of parameters, including individual phrases, phrase categories, desktop or text activity, agent performance, and more. Speech, desktop and text analytics are all fully integrated.

Easy to the extreme

The smarter way to share wisdom.

In today’s fast moving, highly competitive business world, everyone needs fast, intuitive access to data and personalized reporting. Collaboration is essential, and Calabrio Analytics means more people have better insight into the evolving needs of their organization. More informed decision-making starts now.

A Calabrio ONE application

Fully integrated workforce optimization.

Our analytics application is part of Calabrio ONE, a unified, user-focused software suite that includes call recording, quality management and workforce management. This award-winning solution frees the voice of the customer and supports better, faster decision-making at all levels of the organization.

Additional Highlights

Calabrio Analytics


Analyze multiple actions in the unified view of widget-based dashboards.


Correlate words, actions and outcomes to improve contact center performance.


Pinpoint script and legal non-compliance, and improve quality management with right-time reporting.


Optimize agent activities to improve satisfaction and performance, to elevate customer service.


Discover best practices to train and empower other agents and contact center teams.


Share customer interaction trends with sales and marketing to drive revenue.


Export data to use company-wide, transforming the contact center into a corporate asset.


Improve customer interactions quickly and easily with Calabrio implementation services.


Know what’s being said by and to your customers in your contact center to stay in front of issues and opportunities.

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