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Empowering agents, driving results.

Motivated employees deliver.

The right number of agents for the right level of customer service. Is that enough? Let’s talk motivated employees. That’s Calabrio Workforce Management. It offers more accurate forecasting, better performance tracking, stronger adherence and more. And the system lets everyone on the team take a more active role in the process of staffing for customer service excellence. It helps meet the expectations of today’s employees who want more control and flexibility, and it frees managers to make better, faster, more informed decisions. Customers feel it. So does the organization. On the bottom line. Where productivity counts the most.

Customer Story

City of Vancouver

City Information Services achieves 0% turnover with Calabrio WFM.

The smarter way of achieving balance

Real people, real solutions.

Calabrio Workforce Management helps you manage all aspects of staffing – planning, managing and reporting. Easy to implement, easy to learn and maintain, the solution provides fast access to the insight schedulers need to make short- and long-term decisions to balance the needs of agents and customers.

Role-based access

Team-based excellence.

An agent wants to see his schedule. A supervisor is working to improve her team’s service levels. A scheduler needs to make a quick update. Calabrio makes it easy for everyone on the team to see exactly what they need. Easy access to personalized information supports better decision-making at all levels.

Efficiency pays

Reduce administrative headaches.

Organizations of all sizes need to control costs, and one way Calabrio creates new efficiencies is by putting better tools in the hands of more people. Easier access to more precise information empowers the entire team. Faster answers help analysts, supervisors, schedulers and agents accelerate performance.

Empower and retain

A better motivated, more engaged workforce.

Performance-based scheduling and personalized, widget-based dashboards empower users and improve employee retention. Agents have a clear view of their schedules, vacation and shift requests, and overall performance. By meeting employee expectations, organizations gain a significant HR advantage.

The flexibility to adapt

Changing needs, multiple skills. No problem.

Murphy’s Law has no place in today’s multi-channel contact centers. When conditions change, powerful tools help people understand their best options so they can make the right changes quickly and efficiently. Agents with multiple skills can be scheduled for different tasks to cover changing needs throughout a shift.

Powerful and intuitive

A more useable user interface.

Contact center employees aren’t the only people who love the Calabrio user experience. Notes Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting LLC, “Calabrio’s WFM user interface is the best on the market. Calabrio has concentrated on making it easy for its customers to forecast and schedule.” (CRM Magazine, July 2013.)

A Calabrio ONE application

Fully integrated workforce optimization.

Our workforce management application is part of Calabrio ONE, a unified, user-focused software suite that includes call recording, analytics and quality management. This award-winning solution frees the voice of the customer and supports better, faster decision-making at all levels of the organization.

Additional Highlights

Calabrio Workforce Management


Five agents or 50,000, the solution scales in sophistication while maintaining simplicity.


Real-time activity tracking monitors call load, available agents and service levels.


Performance-based scheduling improves motivation and agent morale.


Vacation planning tools synchronize time-off accrual and vacation allotments.


Strategic planning uses historical data to create long-range staffing forecasts.


Multi-site support coordinates contact center staffing at the enterprise level.

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