Balance staffing and positively impact customer service.

Too many or too few agents can equate to unbalanced staffing and detrimental service levels.


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Automated tools balance ease with effectiveness.

Managing labor costs while delivering the right level of service is more complex than ever. Calabrio Workforce Management software makes it easy for contact center managers to forecast accurately, develop schedules for multiple sites, track key performance indicators and manage real-time adherence. Web-based access to every product feature from any location provides better visibility to managers, supervisors, agents and schedulers.

What makes Calabrio Workforce Management unique?

A Web-based interface that’s refreshingly easy to deploy, learn and use.

The amount of training required to implement the solution is significantly lower than other WFM  systems.

Best value.

Calabrio  solutions offer more standard features than basic applications, and there are no surprise fees. The scalable workforce management software supports several agents or several thousand agents, with no costly or hidden upgrades.

Role-based access gives every user the “right view”.

Agents can quickly access their schedule and performance; supervisors can view their team service levels; workforce managers and schedulers can plan and adjust with ease.

Supports ACDs from several manufacturers, including Cisco, Avaya and more.

Time saving automation synchronizes agent and team updates so you don’t have to make them manually.

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A Calabrio ONE application – the first contact center suite built in a Web 2.0 framework.

Calabrio ONE redefines workforce optimization, allowing contact centers to personalize and optimize the desktop and toolsets for each user. Contact center workers are more efficient and effective. Customers are better served.

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