Webinar: Cracking the Code of Customer Obsession Through Customer Journey Analytics

Companies are on a never ending journey to predict their customers’ behaviors in order to win, serve, and retain them. These customers are using a wide range of touch-points to discover, explore, buy, and engage with products and services. However, understanding what your customers are doing now is hard enough, let alone trying to predict where they’re going.

The answer: journey analytics.

During this webinar, guest speaker Tina Moffett, Senior Analyst at Forrester, will provide:

  • An introduction to journey analytics and why it’s so important for companies to perfect.
  • The latest trends in the journey analytics space.
  • How to embrace journey analytics in your organization, embedding it into your company’s foundation.

Calabrio’s Director of Innovation Brad Snedeker will provide insights into the latest analytics technologies and easy ways you can get started with customer analytics.


Tina Moffett

Brad Snedeker

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