Calabrio ONE Delivery Models
Cloud | On-Premises | Hybrid

Three main delivery options are available for enterprise software today—on-premises, public cloud, or a hybrid environment. However, many vendors force you to choose between the flexibility that comes with cloud and the features that help your business work smoothly. This “WFO light in the cloud” approach results in a frustrating user experience which often cancels out any benefit to the operational speed and flexibility that comes with a cloud delivery.

The Calabrio ONE suite—including call recording, quality management, workforce management and customer analytics—was built from the ground up on a single, unified platform that can be delivered in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment with no variance in functionality. Your contact center staff benefits from just one user manual and a single user training—versus the hassle of learning multiple user interfaces across disparate software platforms.


With a public cloud delivery of Calabrio ONE, all recordings and contact center data are stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers. AWS is the market leading hosting service and ensures the highest level of availability, security and scalability for your organization.

  • Provides standard integrations and easy multi-tenant expansion for new instances
  • Offers fast deployment and infinite scalability
  • Supports seasonal staffing through fast scaling and metered pricing—pay only for what you use
  • Provides automatic updates through a monthly release cycle



With an on-premises delivery of Calabrio ONE, all recordings and contact center data are stored in your own private data center. The software is deployed on your hardware and maintained by your internal IT resources.

  • For purposes such as regulatory compliance, keep data on-premises, secure in your own data center
  • May be deployed in multiple locations for disaster recovery
  • Equips you to segment your workforce—fully multi-tenanted architecture means you can quickly create Calabrio ONE instances for each contact center location or department while keeping their data separate
  • Leaves the decisions to you—updates can be made at your discretion


A hybrid delivery of Calabrio ONE provides ultimate freedom by capturing data on-premises, in a private cloud or in a public cloud while storing data in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers. Hybrid cloud options include:

  • Capture data on-premises across multiple locations and store in a public cloud
  • Capture data in a centralized private cloud and store in a public cloud
  • Capture ACD data in a public cloud and store in a public cloud

Additional Highlights

The modern, friendly alternative for contact center WFO…for all delivery types

Unified suite

Built from the ground up for a consistent user experience across applications for all delivery models.

Comprehensive analytics

Calabrio is the only WFO provider to integrate speech, desktop and text analytics into a single, unified analytics solution.

Easy integrations

An ACD-agnostic platform integrates with best-of-breed solutions to can leverage existing technology investments.

Simplified pricing model

Get all available features with no add-on charges to get the functionality you really need.

Customer focus

Two-thirds of Calabrio product innovations are a result of direct feedback from our customers.

Partnership for success

The Calabrio Innovation Center provides consulting designed to educate and empower your team.

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