Driving Customer Service Excellence Across the Retail Industry
Accelerate your brand promise with Calabrio contact center solutions

A comprehensive customer engagement software suite for today’s retailers.

Your customers don’t differentiate between their in-store and their online shopping experience. And no matter how they make contact with your business during their shopping journey – whether through your website, a call to customer service, email, web chat, social media, or a mobile app – customers expect the same personalized service they receive when they visit a physical store.

With the retail industry forecasted to grow only 3% to 4% annually over the next five years, it’s no longer enough to focus on products or prices. Customer service has become a key point of competitive differentiation. True customer engagement requires seeing the big picture, as well as having a handle on the daily details that truly make a difference, including:

  • Sharing the voice of the customer (VoC) with stakeholders across your organization
  • Scheduling for seasonal fluctuations and handling unexpected service level challenges
  • Complying with PCI data security standards and mitigating security risks

Retailers can’t afford to treat the call center like a cost center anymore.

Improve Net Promoter Score with Voice-of-the-Customer Analytics

Retailers can’t afford to treat the call center like a cost center anymore. The contact center is now your greatest source of customer insights. Every interaction presents an opportunity to strengthen a customer relationship, build brand loyalty and drive topline growth. Calabrio ONE makes it easy to capture the full customer experience and monitor, evaluate, and improve service quality in your contact center.

With the fully-integrated Calabrio Analytics suite—including speech, text, and desktop analytics—the call center becomes a learning center through the automatic analysis of 100% of interactions which liberates the voice of the customer (VoC) and helps you address issues that impact customer experience (CX). Share your findings throughout the organization for accelerated decision-making and maximum impact to your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

A Comprehensive Workforce Scheduling Solution for All Seasons

For retailers workforce management is complicated by seasonal fluctuations and staffing for multiple channels and multiple skills at multiple sites. Calabrio ONE Workforce Management uses historical data to create forecasts and schedules for your multichannel contact center so you can provide consistent customer service levels and plan ahead for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or just a typical Tuesday. Plus, while you’re getting your seasonal staff up and running, Calabrio ONE’s app easy interface adds no additional training time. A modern, web-based architecture creates a consistent user experience for your agents in the contact center and work-at-home agents.

Dynamic Scheduling allows your agents to participate in the scheduling process through a modern shift-bidding solution which results in fully staffed schedules that meet the work-life balance desires of your agents. And when the unexpected occurs, intraday management capabilities and an intuitive drag and drop interface lets schedulers make real-time staffing adjustments, preview the impact, and put the changes into effect in a few clicks.

PCI Compliance Options to Protect Your Business and Customers

The best way to avoid storing sensitive data and stay PCI compliant is not to capture it in the first place. Calabrio ONE offers both manual and automated solutions to pause and resume the recording of both the audio and screen during a transaction to avoid the capture and storage of credit card data.


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