Industry focus
Freeing the voice of the customer.

Accelerating performance.

A movement is underway in industries of all kinds, and Calabrio is helping make it happen. It starts in the contact center, which is experiencing a significant transformation. No longer alone on the periphery, the contact center is becoming a new knowledge epicenter for the entire enterprise. By revealing the voice of the customer, Calabrio is helping visionary leaders for change gain new insights, make better informed decisions and accelerate performance. It’s a new kind of freedom, and it starts by putting people first. More human. More relevant. More opportunities for growth.

Financial Services

The impact of the recession can still be felt in financial services, and an increase in regulations and shifting customer habits make well-trained contact center agents even more important. What are customers saying? How are agents interacting with them? Is there cross-sell potential? Calabrio offers unprecedented insight and control.

Transportation / Logistics

High fuel costs. Labor shortages. New customer expectations. In this current reality, Calabrio delivers for transportation and logistics companies. Integrated WFO solutions make staffing more precise, intraday adjustments more fluid and forecasting more accurate to meet the needs of peak and low-volume seasons.

Retail / Manufacturing

The multi-channel contact center is a crucial interaction point for building loyalty and strengthening brand. Scheduling and forecasting solutions from Calabrio make it easier to respond to fluctuating demand day-to-day and hour-to-hour. Analytics provide more insight into buying behaviors to boost revenue opportunities.

Higher Education

Whether students are studying in traditional classrooms or moving to the Web, the quality of student interactions ultimately impacts the health of the institution. Calabrio helps improve student acquisition and retention by improving service excellence in compliance with regulations from the Department of Education.


Voters and law makers want to know how tax dollars are being spent before making additional investments in government services. The Calabrio platform documents interactions and provides quantitative reporting through advanced analytics, configurable dashboards and an intuitive user interface.


From heightened privacy policies to improved outpatient care, the medical landscape is constantly changing. Calabrio helps organizations keep pace with demand and confidently schedule the right level of staffing to make sure all patients have access to high quality care.


Compliance and regulatory changes continue to have a significant impact on the insurance industry, and it takes highly skilled associates to support sophisticated insurance products. Calabrio makes it easier to match skilled agents to customer demand, elevating service and maintaining adherence to regulations.

Technology / Communications

Falling computing costs and exponential growth in information define technology. Calabrio supports deployment options such as on-premise implementations and software-as-a-service, along with omni-channel support. Our analytics-based solution makes the data make sense.

Service (Business, Home, Travel)

Service organizations only get one shot at making a good first impression. Calabrio gives service organizations powerful, intuitive tools to meet customer expectations and reduce escalations, optimize agent effectiveness and improve first contact resolution.

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