Empowering more people
Better decision-making inside the contact center – and out.

Everything starts with insight.

Calabrio is rebuilding the contact center from the inside out. More intuitive tools, personalized access to information, comprehensive analytics and more. The result is a contact center that more accurately hears the voice of the customer and reveals it to the entire organization. More people are making better decisions based on better information, improving individual performance and group collaboration. This is a new kind of workforce optimization, one with an invitation to everyone. Listen. Learn. Share. Build. Customer service excellence is driving strategic value enterprise-wide.

Contact Center Professionals

Peers are taking notice. Calabrio is turning the contact center into a strategic asset. By elevating the customer experience, organizations keep pace with customer expectations and become more competitive.

IT Professionals

What’s not to like? Calabrio offers true peace of mind. Robust and flexible with a modern, open architecture, the software platform offers a lower cost of ownership and is compatible with any Telephony/ACD system.

Quality Management Analysts

Calabrio captures everything and provides detailed, personalized reporting without the need for data specialists. QM analysts can evaluate the right calls and share best practices to improve training.

Workforce Management Analysts

Keeping pace keeps getting easier with Calabrio. Performance-based scheduling, for instance, distributes the workload and helps motivate employees. Better balance and complexities reduced. That’s Calabrio.

Contact Center Supervisors

Coaching the team is one of a supervisor’s most important jobs, and Calabrio makes the process faster and easier by empowering agents with direct visibility into performance metrics, freeing supervisors to mentor.

Contact Center Agents

Front line staff are vital for customer satisfaction, and Calabrio elevates the role of the agent, giving them better clarity into their goals and contributions for improved loyalty. Calabrio puts people first.

Legal/Compliance Officer

Can you confirm 100 percent regulatory compliance? Can you document 100 percent of all interactions? With Calabrio, you can. It’s the smart, easy way to protect your business with a low cost of ownership.

Marketing/Sales Executive

Their eyes light up when they see the potential and start hearing the voice of the customer with clarity. From trend reporting to consumer research and more, Calabrio delivers. Insight. Then action.

Human Resources Executive

Recruit. Hire. Train. Repeat. No, wait. Instead of “repeat,” try “retain.” That’s the Calabrio advantage. Easy to use tools, more control and flexibility. Job satisfaction improves, and so does retention, for lower HR costs.

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