Mar 22

The Power of Mobility – Speed, Flexibility, Freedom

There’s no question that mobility has changed how we live and work. From a variety of devices we connect, report, learn, act, shop, entertain ourselves, and more – anywhere at
any time. Mobility has changed the pace of our society by giving us the freedom to be productive regardless of our physical location and the flexibility to control our work/life balance.

So what opportunities does that open up for the Contact Center?

I recently read a great article in Information Week entitled “An App Isn’t a Mobile Strategy”. It was interesting to see how closely it mirrors our own perspective on mobility as it relates to contact center management, which you can reference in another recent
article “Contact Centers Break the Chains”.

To summarize, mobility doesn’t generally replicate an entire application. Rather, truly effective mobile apps enable specific tasks or activities that can be done anywhere at any time. An example in my life is my app. With this application I can get
information wherever/whenever on items important to our business – things like
sales data or customer support history.

For the contact center, we visualize those task components that can make the time contact center employees spend in the office that much more productive. We envision the ability for managers to stay connected even when they can’t be present. And we predict a more collaborative, interactive environment within the contact center walls, where technology enables the exchange of information even when employees are not sitting at their desks.

In my view, there are many opportunities for mobility to increase the pace of contact center operations by leveraging the power of mobility to manage people, process and

To demonstrate, Calabrio will showcase a hands-on mobile experience in our booth at Enterprise Connect in Orlando next week (booth 433). We’ll feature a variety of mobile devices and applications designed specifically for the contact center agent, supervisor and
manager roles. When it comes to mobility, role-based access becomes all the more critical, as applications must be tuned for the user to easily, accurately and conveniently accomplish a specific task.

Leading up to and throughout the event, we’ll be talking to industry analysts, vendors and
customers who will share their perspectives on the role for mobility in contact centers.

Stay tuned here for additional blog posts, follow us on Twitter, and look for us next week on Facebook as we bring the mobile contact center experience to you…anywhere…anytime…on the device of your choosing.



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