Innovation Center
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Committed to your success during each step of your journey with Calabrio

Calabrio is re-imagining the way contact centers interact with customers to improve every interaction. With that in mind, the Calabrio Innovation Center was designed for one purpose—to ensure our customers are successful during each step of their journey with Calabrio.  Staffed with well-known industry experts with decades of combined contact center and technology experience, our mission is to share best practices to ensure you are leveraging the full power of the Calabrio ONE suite and its individual components—Quality Management, Workforce Management, and Analytics.

Utilizing state-of-the-art environments incorporating real-world contact center data, Innovation Center participants gain hands-on experience with advanced methodologies and technologies that can make their contact centers and businesses thrive. The Innovation Center’s offerings are designed to meet the needs of everyone in your organization.  Through the use of a carefully crafted set of programs—including in-depth consulting engagements, workshops, proof of concepts, managed services, and customer success programs—the Innovation Center provides customers with comprehensive packages designed to educate, enable, and empower your organization.

Innovation Center

The Innovation Center Promise

Trusted advisors

The Innovation Center is with you throughout your journey with Calabrio, from the evaluation process through deployment and beyond.

Customer success

The Innovation Center is laser-focused on ensuring that customers maximize the return on investment from their software purchase.

Valuable offerings

From consulting and workshops to proof of concepts and managed services, the Innovation Center has something for everyone.

Customer Success Consulting Services

Practical consulting for customer engagement strategy success

Calabrio Innovation Center provides Customer Success Consulting Services to organizations that are evaluating Calabrio. During this pre-sales consultation engagement, our experts will investigate current processes, discover improvements and share best practices about how Calabrio solutions can help drive concrete improvement and ROI for your business. This in-depth approach gives you the insights you need to drive the critical changes necessary for your business to meet the growing demands of your customers and ensures your immediate success as you transition to Calabrio solutions.

Calabrio Analytics Workshop

Discover how Calabrio Analytics can help your organization make better decisions

Discover how Calabrio Analytics can help your organization make better decisions.  Calabrio Analytics Workshops are designed to demonstrate the value of Calabrio Analytics through greater investigation of your customer interactions.  During this short engagement, our experts will uncover how Calabrio Analytics helps with employee optimization, customer engagement, and other business initiatives to catalyze growth within your organization.  By running your data through the Calabrio Analytics engine, our experts identify pressing customer insights and make actionable recommendations.  You’ll come away with a better understanding of how the power of Calabrio Analytics that can be justified and measured within your organization.

Proof of Concept

Experience power of Calabrio solutions before you buy

Have you ever wanted to try a new technology before buying?  Now you can.  With Calabrio, you are not limited to a product demonstration. The Innovation Center Proof of Concept program lets you take a test run of Calabrio products to validate that Calabrio solutions are right for your business. Using your own data in your own IT environment, this unique opportunity demonstrates how Calabrio software works in your environment, with your data, and lets you experience the benefits first-hand.  We’re so confident that Calabrio solutions will work for you, that we’ve made our software available to you as part of the evaluation process without charge or commitment.

Customer Optimization Consulting

Get the most from your Calabrio investment

Calabrio strives to ensure our clients get the most value from their contact center resources, above and beyond using Calabrio software.  The Calabrio Innovation Center has developed the Customer Optimization Consulting program to help you address your challenges and unlock the full value of your of you investment in Calabrio solutions.  This service provides you with a dedicated expert to help translate your business vision into a practical action plan.

Calabrio Analytics Managed Services

Unlock the full value of your analytics deployment with the Calabrio Innovation Center

Not all companies have the available resources to make analytics technology a truly effective means of discovering more about the business, employees and customers. Calabrio Analytics Managed Service removes this worry by unlocking the full value of your analytics deployment for improved decision making. With our team working for you, your time to value is dramatically reduced, enabling you to reap the value of your analytics solution immediately.

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